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Sheet Music
Where quality and legibility counts, choose only Specialist Music
Sheet Music in book form
Can optionally be printed at an external publishing house
Hand written sheet music
If you write by hand Specialist Music can convert your handwritten scores into works of art
Sheet Music in book form
Specialist Music can print many different types of notation

Please don't hesitate to contact Specialist Music should you have a particular enquiry or require an estimate for engraving. Contact details are given below:

By Post:

Mr. Steven Jones,
Old Bruan Schoolhouse, Mid Clyth,
Near Lybster, Caithness, Scotland.

By Phone:

+44 (0)1593 721272

By Email:



As with Engraving, the quality of the printouts is exceptional and an external publishing house can optionally be used (at extra cost), although this is seldom needed.

Specialist Music can accept a wide variety of popular music file formats should the client already have the score notated on a computer, if not, it is no problem to accept handwritten manuscript paper however illegible it may be.

Prices are by negotiation, and it's best to contact Specialist Music direct for a free quote. Cost depends upon many factors such as:

  • If the music to be arranged has already been inputted into a computer
  • If transcription from one instrument to another is necessary
  • If all decisions are left to Specialist Music
  • If the score is handwritten, then how legible it is

Being a composer of many classical pieces including orchestral, Steven is therefore naturally familiar with and has all the necessary knowledge and resources to be able to arrange scores for many different instruments. He can also accommodate those instruments that may require more specialist treatment other than standardised "piano notation". For example fretted instruments may require tabluture or wind instruments might need transposed staffs. No task is too difficult.

Although Steven uses several computer packages to work with scores, his favourite is the latest Encore ® package from www.gvox.com of which he has effectively six years experience.

Work is always delivered with both a printed copy and a CD-ROM containing all necessary files needed to open the score in an editor, as well as cross-platform publisher-friendly PDF files which can be used at any time to reprint the score should the client require.

Post is preferred for both estimates and work, but scores can also be scanned in and sent via email so long as the quality is high enough to read.

Delivery is quick, but it must be stressed that diligent care is taken and work is never rushed.