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Sheet Music
Where quality and legibility counts, choose only Specialist Music
Sheet Music in book form
Can optionally be printed at an external publishing house
Hand written sheet music
If you write by hand Specialist Music can convert your handwritten scores into works of art
Sheet Music in book form
Specialist Music can print many different types of notation

Please don't hesitate to contact Specialist Music should you have a particular enquiry or require an estimate for engraving. Contact details are given below:

By Post:

Mr. Steven Jones,
Old Bruan Schoolhouse, Mid Clyth,
Near Lybster, Caithness, Scotland.

By Phone:

+44 (0)1593 721272

By Email:



Results are unparalleled and can optionally be printed (for increased cost) at an external publishing house should the customer require (in almost all cases not needed). Work can be conducted from any hand-written score however illegible it may be, although it must be stressed that the more legible a score to be engraved is then the cheaper the overall cost of the work will be.

Engraving can also be conducted from MIDI files and the cost for this would be by negation.

Being a composer of many classical pieces including orchestral, Steven is familiar and has the necessary knowledge and resources to be able to notate for many instruments that may require more specialist treatment other than standardized "piano notation". Whether it be tabluture for fretted string instruments or transposed staffs suitable for many wind instruments, no score is too difficult.

Many computer packages can be used to perform this work, but the latest version of Encore ® is preferred and of which Steven has effectivaly six years experience with the package in general. Details regarding the Encore ® software package can be seen at www.gvox.com On a technical note, work is always delivered with both a printed copy and a CD-ROM containing all necessary files needed to open the score in an editor, as well as cross-platform publisher-friendly PDF files which can be used at any time to reprint the score.

Post is preferred for both estimates and work, but scores can also be scanned in and sent via email provided the quality is good enough to read. Turn around is fast, but it must be stressed that diligent care is taken and delivery is never rushed.

A rough guideline of prices per page for typical scores is provided below:



Orchestra or Large Band Scores

Up to 16 staves 14
17-24 staves 18
24-32 staves 24
32 and above 28

Chamber Scores

Up to 12 staves 10
Up to 20 staves 16


Up to 12 staves 12


Up to 12 staves 8

Piano/Vocal or Piano/Instrument

5 Systems 10

Folk or Easy Piano/Keyboard

5 Systems 5.50


12 staves with TAB, lyrics, chords, bends, slides, etc 12

Easy Guitar

12 staves with tab, lyrics and chords 5

Single-line Instrumental

Up to 12 staves 7

All prices include VAT

Estimates per page are based upon a number of factors, such as:

  • Density of notation
  • Complexity of the score
  • Amount of articulations and special symbols
  • Lyrics
  • Readability (for hand written scores)
  • Graphics
  • Page format, staves per page for example