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Please don't hesitate to contact Specialist Music should you have a particular enquiry or require an estimate for engraving. Contact details are given below:

By Post:

Mr. Steven Jones,
Old Bruan Schoolhouse, Mid Clyth,
Near Lybster, Caithness, Scotland.

By Phone:

+44 (0)1593 721272

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Steven Jones

Born in Reading, England in 1984, and from a family with a very musical background, Steven has already written a number of large scale orchestral works, one of which, is to be performed this coming November in Caithness, Scotland, where he now lives.

A self-taught classical guitarist and composer, he has a very unique style which is not necessarily influenced by others. His strong ability for music and computers in general was developed and nurtured especially during secondary years when he was educated at home.

Regarding music, a wide-varity of styles are of interest and he is very concerned with the structure of music in general. Perhaps it is this interest which enables him to write in a wide varity of genres, although it must be said that classical, and particularly full scale symphonic orchestral works with or without a soloist is his favourite style to write in.

Computer sequencing programs are his primary method of composition, but occasionally, and ever increasingly he draws from his ability on the guitar for inspiration too. More recent large scale symphonic works may have had an origin on the guitar, but notably the colour of the instrument isn't necessarily heard in them. His latest works (late 2006-2007) have more feeling and sensitivity than early, which is probably reflective of how he seeks great depth in music. Liking both harmony and surprise shifting tonal changes, he explores many avenues in a quest for a purposeful melody.

Whether it be music composition, or engraving, Steven shows great attention to detail and ensures that the finished work is well polished.

His latest piece, Piano Concerto number one will hopefully be performed by the Caithness Orchestra when ready.

He has been playing and composing for about seven years.

A small youtube clip of Steven playing the classical guitar can be found here. The piece is a variation upon the theme composed by James Horner for the film Titanic, entitled "The Portrait". Originally written for piano, this is a simple and humble transcription only for nylon-strung guitar that isn't complete yet because it lacks one middle section which hasn't been transcribed. Regardless, Enjoy.

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