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Clarinet with sheet music

Specialist Music was founded in 2007 and offers music services that are both professional and personal. Areas of expertise are:

  • Engraving (the art of high quality music printing).
  • Arranging of your original music. Everything is catered from solo instruments or voices to large ensembles, orchestra and choir.
  • Composing by commission. Original compositions can be written for any occasion or soundtrack.
  • Transcribing (for composers, songwriters and instrumentalists who don't readily work with music notation).
  • Recording. Includes both recording new material or re-mastering existing audio.
  • MIDI sequencing. Can be conducted from hand-written manuscript.

For more information about any of these services please click upon the appropriate link.

Regarding Engraving, results our unrivaled, prices are extremely competitive and printing is completed on a timely basis. For no extra cost work will not cease until the customer is satisfied and all hand-written manuscripts are accepted whether it be solo piano, classical guitar with tabluture or full-scale symphonic orchestra. Naturally prices per page vary upon complexity, but for rough guidelines please see the table contained within the Engraving category section.

Please don't hesitate to contact Specialist Music should you have a particular enquiry or require an estimate for engraving. Contact details are given below:

By Post:

Mr. Steven Jones,
Old Bruan Schoolhouse, Mid Clyth,
Near Lybster, Caithness, Scotland.

By Phone:

+44 (0)1593 721272

By Email: